Sober Summer – Day 254

It's a hot girl summer-- or so I've heard. And I couldn't help but wonder, can it be a hot girl summer without cold, specialty beers and cocktails? Last Summer... Summer is here and all those people sitting out on patios with their cold pints, sangria pitchers and sweating wine glasses with with rosè are… Continue reading Sober Summer – Day 254


Day 90: I made it.

Day 90 should be the cause for celebration! Bust out the champagn— oh shit, wait... Fuck.  Whatever.  I don’t really feel like celebrating.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that I made it to 90 days of dryness. Most times, I’m okay without.  I reflect back to the first time I attempted to quit drinking.… Continue reading Day 90: I made it.

Day 89: I bought a bottle of wine.

So, I bought a bottle wine. A bottle of Rosé to be specific. Because I'm 100% positive you were wondering. I hadn't realized that I was on day 89 when I bought said bottle of wine. I had gone to the LCBO (liquor store for my non-Canadian readers) initially because I needed cash back. I swear.… Continue reading Day 89: I bought a bottle of wine.

Breaking The Habit – Day 15

Cue Linkin Park music. It’s funny how after just a few days of no alcohol, the brain seems to conveniently forget what you put it through. It forgets how the body felt and how slow and unclear you felt after drinking. But it’s a habit. A bad habit at that. There are pathways in the… Continue reading Breaking The Habit – Day 15

Day One. Again.

I feel like an asshole. I feel like an asshole that's just been aggressively fucked and I have no one to blame but myself. This wouldn't be the first time I've fallen 'off the wagon' as some might say. I made a decision to quit drinking in 2015 which lasted approximately 2 years. (Side note:… Continue reading Day One. Again.